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Pretty, Pretty Plants | Plant Pot Painting

10 points for alliteration in the title ;)

I. Love. Plants. They add a little something-something to a space. There is a problem with plants and me though.
I. Kill. Plants. I tend to forget they exist then let them die by accident or love (water) them so much that they die. So when I visited my family recently, I took my cacti home (and a bromeliad that Dad was trying to get rid of). I also relieved my parents of my paint stash, because plants need cool pots, obvs.

Here's how I made a cute ombre-ish pots!
What you'll need:
  • Terracotta pots
  • Paint brush
  • Paint primer
  • Paint - one must be a spray, the other it doesn't matter.
1. Brush off your potsThis is to get rid of any excess dirt and whatnot from the hardware store.
2. Prime your potsMakes the paint last longer! Double coat this. Follow the instructions on your specific primer for how long to wait before re-coat!
3. Paint just over half of your potI painted the top half, because I wanted the silver spray paint to be on the bottom. Just over half is so it overlaps nicely!
4. Spray paintI waited overnight before this step just to make sure everything had dried nicely. Spray so that the paint overlaps with the original colour. Wait appropriate time and re-coat.
5. Pot plants...yeah.

They've lasted quite well so far! Kind of want more plants for the moment, but we'll see if they die in the next month or two before I get more...
Up next week? One of my favorite sewing patterns! See you then!


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