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I'm Actually Back~! | Freebie Printable

Stash Inventory Printable - Freebie from Coffee and Craft

After a 3 year hiatus, I'm back! With a mission and everything. That mission? Bust my stash down to a small 3 drawers max, use a lot of my scraps and in turn, help you with some ideas on how to do the same.
To help me along in this mission my new years resolution was to not buy any clothes this year: if I want something I make it. So far so good, except I did break once because I forgot how short one of my shirts is and wore it to work. I was not planning on holding it down for a full shift...
So if you're into stash busting, sewing projects (with pattern reviews!) and hints as I discover them, follow along!
I'm also on Instagram (@coffee.craft) should you wish to follow me there for handmade #ootd photos and behind the scenes posts.
To start us off though, I'm including a free "stash organisation" printable! I used this to find out exactly what I had in my stash, so that I wouldn't buy something extra if I already had it! Zips was a big thing. I will always buy zips for specific projects, but forget to use the ones already in my stash...
I have 2 versions for you! A colour coded rainbow chevron version and a plain. Included are pages for fabrics, bias binding, ribbons and zips. Please feel free to let me know if there's anything else that could be added!
That's it for this week, see you next Sunday (AEST) for more!


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