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Sunshine Award

Like last month (hush, I know I'm late with this) Cherin of Masterfully Me nominated me for a Sunshine Award! It's super exciting as I haven't been nominated for an award before, and coming from her it's pretty special :) (unsubtle message: check out her blog, it's fantastic)

Anyway, the rules are as follows:
  • Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you
  • Share 11 random facts about yourself
  • Answer 11 questions the nominating blogger has created for you
  • List 11 bloggers
  • Post 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate and let them know they have been nominated

Eleven random facts about me
1. I've never actually left Australia, but have always wanted to travel and see the world

2. My Nan is an amazing seamstress and taught me how to sew

3. Game of Thrones = awesome. Buuut The Mindy Project = awesome too. I'll watch and enjoy most kinds of TV

4. I've been learning / playing piano since I was 3 1/2!

5. I prefer giving presents to recieving

6. I find stillettos easier to walk in than kitten heels

7. My current addiction? (non-sponsored plug, by the way) Brought on by a workmate, Black Milk Clothing. (guys. Get the LOTR Middle Earth map leggings. So much love)

8. In the yearbook in year 12 I got described as an "opinionated sweetheart".

9. I love jewelry but my skin corrodes the metal insanely quickly (especially in Summer)

10. I usually write out a perfect organisational plan then promptly ignore it.

11. I have EIGHT (!!!!!) weeks left in my degree

    Cherin's Eleven Questions
    1. What is your favorite sound?
    The click that the jug makes in the morning so I can make my coffee =P
    Either that or rain.

    2. Favorite recipe your parents or grandparents taught you.
    I think the only recipe that either my parents or my grandparents have actually taught me was my Dad taught me how to cook an omelette a few months ago. Though I have helped my Nan ice cupcakes when I was a kid :)

    3. Have you done any extreme sports (bungie jumping, sky diving) or would you if you had the chance?
    I haven't, and probably wouldn't either. The idea of jumping out of / off a perfectly good object absolutely terrifies me!

    4. What place have you always wanted to visit?
    England! I love the history, and I kind of want to see snow... (I've only seen it once)

    5. Do you have a guilty pleasure and what is it?
    I love reality TV... 

    6. Name your favorite Halloween candy.
    Since I live in Australia, Halloween isn't a big deal as it seems to be in the USA, so I've never actually tried candy corn or anything like that before! But my favorite candy in general are Chuppa Chupps.

    7. Paper or plastic?

    8. Describe your "go to" outfit.
    Skater dress, patterned leggings, scarf (or long necklace) and ballet flats.

    9. What is the best present you ever received?
    Oooh that's a hard question. Most practical goes to my parents (new desk chair for my 21st!), but best... the tea pot and cup my boyfriend gave me for my birthday last year.

    10. Least favorite subject in school?

    11. Sunrise or sunset?
    Sunset, because I think I've only seen one sunrise in my life :)

    Eleven Bloggers
    Nominated because I absolutely adore reading their blogs - they're all fantastic people who you should go and read their blogs too :)

    1. Ashley @ Quarter Life (Crisis) Cuisine

    2. Martha @ Baking in my Bathing Suit

    3. Megan and Rachel @ Pandas in the Kitchen

    4. Laura @ Is As If

    5. Chloe @ Mrrow Mix and Mental Pickup Stix

    6. Hannah @ Hannah K

    7. @ The Wilson Buzz

    8. Dani @ High Walls Blog

    9. Sarah @ Nobody Puts Sarah in the Corner

    10. Vanessa @ Nessbow

    11. Karen @ Somewhat Quirky Designs

    My Questions
    1. What inspired you to start blogging?
    2. Favorite holiday? (Halloween, Christmas etc)
    3. If you won a holiday for you and 3 friends, where in the world would you go?
    4. What's your "go to" dinner for when you're in a rush?
    5. Cats or dogs?
    6. What's something you regret purchasing?
    7. Favorite hot beverage?
    8. What are your top 3 books? (or top 100. I know how hard this question is lol)
    9.  What's the most played song on your playlist?
    10. What project has been sitting on your to-do list for ages?
    11. What TV show reminds you of your childhood?

    Catch you next time, got a cool project to show off! (Also that Great Gatsby review I haven't done yet... David, if you're reading this, I'll lend you the book tomorrow!)


    1. Yes to Game of Thrones ...I mean how could someone not like it. Have you read the books? I am terrible at making omelets, they turn out more like scrambled eggs with stuff in them.

      I really enjoyed reading your answers. Also congrats on having only 8 more weeks. You can do it.

      1. I'm up to book 5! I'm getting through them slowly...

        Thanks so much! Just gotta wait until next year to finish those 8 weeks - so close =D


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