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DIY: Glitter the Boots

Ok, so my last DIY post probably was a little incorrect. I haven't "ombre'd all the things" yet. I have, however, started to glitter all the things. Since I glittered a pair of sneakers earlier this year, I elected to do the exact same thing to a pair of boots but this time do a how-to and show you how I did it!

How to - DIY Glitter Boots

What you'll need...
  • Shoes (I've tried this with both suede and cotton shoes, and it's worked fine on both)
  • Glitter
  • Paintbrush
  • Fabric glue*

1. clean your shoes
I can't stress this enough - make sure you remove all excess dirt/whatnot before you start otherwise the glue and glitter won't stick

2. prepare your weapons
or materials.

3. mix your glitter and glue
To about a 50/50 ratio. And mix. Refer to the photo to what it should look like.

4. (optional) tape off where you don't want the glitter
I didn't do this step (hence the lack of photo), but if you don't want glitter somewhere on your shoes, it's best to tape it off 'cause scraping glitter glued on solid is awful...

5. paaaaaaaaint
...yeah. This is pretty straight forward.
Wait for it to dry overnight.

6. glitter coat #2
This is especially helpful if you (like myself) had bald spots on your shoes.

7. glue coat
Just to make sure that all that glitter's stuck there.
Leave to dry overnight.

8. waterproof coating
Well you should do this to your shoes anyway...

DIY Glitter Boots

And that, is how I glitterfied my boots!

Catch you next time,
*Fabric glue rather than PVA glue is because fabric glue is designed to be flexible once dried- something you kinda need in a pair of shoes...

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