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The "About Damn Time" Bag

This bag took me over a year to finish, from the time I bought the pattern to the time I actually finished it and was ale to use it. Yeah, all seriousness here. Admittedly I didn't draw up the pattern for ages because I had no need for another bag but that's beside my point.

At the start of the uni semester this year, my giant go-to uni bag started to break. The handles started thinning (to the point where they could snap at any moment) and both zips broke- still functional but awkward. So two weeks before the end of semester, I finally knuckled down and made it. Conveniently, weeks earlier I had drafted the pattern and bought that gorgeous stripey fabric from Ikea.

Uni bag!

At the time I had no idea what I was going to do with the stripey fabric, it was way too cute to pass up. Even though there was no room for it in my fabric stash drawers. The lining fabric was from my stash though; and the little keychain thingy was salvaged from my old uni bag- how could I get rid of that? It's too adorable.

Uni bag insides

Inner pocket
Thankfully it does fit my single (ahh education, thank you for saving me from huge amounts of textbooks) textbook and notebooks, and with a bit of jiggling fits A4 folders as well. Just.

Bag stats:
Outer fabric: Ikea
Lining: stash
Hardware: kyliegypsyboho on eBay
Pattern: A Beautiful Mess DIY Dressup course (no longer avaliable)

See you soon!

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  1. Very nice bag- I like so much a mini green details!super cute bow!


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