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Excess Easter Eggs Final: Roundup!

I think my family would kill me if I made anything more that's chocolate related which brings me to today's post.

Excess Easter Eggs

My family's over my baking chocolate at the moment (hence the lack of baking this week), so if you still have Easter eggs left uneaten, here's my suggestions for baking with them!

Solid Easter Eggs
Now, according to my researches (ahh Google, you are wonderful), because of the fat content in these solid eggs they simply don't melt well.

For leaving them whole, I'd suggest either pushing them into a cupcake (like I did last week) using your favorite recipe, or pressing them into the tops of chewy cookies like a chocolate jam drop.  My favorite recipe?  This one.  You could just as easily press them into delicious chocolate brownies, or basically any form of delicious, delicious baked good.

Hollow Bunnies, Eggs and the like
My solution to any chocolate thing that's hollow?  Break it up and treat it like chocolate chips.  Reason why I suggest this for the hollow chocolates rather than the solid eggs is simply because the one just requires a quick bash on the countertop to become around the same size as choc chips and the other one requires a knife and effort, haha.

What're your favorite ways to use up those Easter eggs?  Aside from eating their deliciousness, of course.  Let me know in the comments below, I'm curious!

See you Friday with an actual craft post!


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