Friday, March 01, 2013

Magnets and Makeup and Glitter- oh my!

A good year ago, I pinned this cute magnetic makeup board.  Seriously though, that thing is adorable.  As a person who every few months goes "huh. I forgot I had this" with her makeup, this is a fantastic idea.  Though finding a frame was harder than I thought.  So when I found a pair of 8"x10" frames which were missing both their wooden back and glass...

My dresser with both frames

The "before" shot
Aaaand the obligatory "before" shot

I elected to do two different frames, one with a little flower and the other with glitter stripes down the sides. Mainly because my diagonal stripes worked so nicely on one frame, and I couldn't be bothered to go and see if we had any more masking tape so I figured I could do it freehand...

Flower frame

Glittered side of the flower frame

Yep, I spray painted a flower from the bunch I bought for my melted crayon canvas.

Striped frame

Glittered side of the striped frame

Rather than covering the metal with fabric, I just wanted it all to be plain silver - mainly because my bedroom wall is purple and I don't have any fabric on hand which would match.

The original pin
My dresser with both frames
The Tini-version

All in all, I love this idea.  Partially because it's adorable but mostly because I know what makeup I actually have now...

See you Tuesday!

P.S.: just so we're clear, I'm not sponsored by any of the brands you see in my photos.  I figured this was worth a mention just in case =P
P.P.S: does anyone have any more ideas for ways to use glitter?  I still have over half a jar of that silver glitter to use up...

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