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Dr Pepper - Pinterest inspired Cupcakes!

Before we get into the pretty pictures, I'd like to clear some things up:
1) I actually really hate Dr Pepper - not a huge fan of the fake cherry flavor (tastes like the cherry cold medicine I used to get when I was a kid), but my boyfriend loves this stuff.
2) ...I don't have a sifter.  You'll see what I mean in a minute.

Dr Pepper Cupcake!

Since Dr Pepper isn't exactly common here in Australia, none of my family have actually tried it before.  It was highly amusing getting my family to try a bit - my brother took a small (by small I actually mean pretty much non-existent) sip, and Mum took one sniff and pulled the most amusing face.

To explain the random lumps in my icing...  Yeah, I don't have a sifter.  There was one, once, but it was a weird contraption which had a huge buildup of flour and icing sugar and was impossible to clean (it had rotating blades and was... again, weird).

Dr Pepper cupcakes =)

Apparently these cupcakes were "alright, but not really Dr Pepper-y".  Not my words, I took a tiny nibble and all I could taste was Dr Pepper.  So won't be making these again, but it was an interesting Pinterest-inspired project!

The batter was the other half of the brownie cupcake recipe from last week, and half a cup of Dr Pepper.  The icing recipe was from somewhere on the internet, but they all looked pretty similar when I Googled "Dr Pepper Icing"

See you Wednesday!


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