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Fuzzy the Cactus vs. Moses the Cat

If there was one thing which I wanted, it was a cute little cactus to sit on my window sill.  Why?  To make it more cheerful, of course.  Since I have two cats, I decided that if I could find a fuzzy cactus rather than a spiky one it would be so much better.  When I saw this one, I decided it was perfect.

My fuzzy cactus

For weeks it sat in its tiny little pot until I found a terracotta pot which was reasonably small.  In that time...  The poor cactus got knocked over on two separate occasions by a cat who was scared of a vacuum cleaner.  On the other side of the house.  So you can imagine my relief when I found this pot.

For the pink, I initially covered it in a few layers of acrylic paint, but I couldn't get it as pink as I wanted it.  So I located some spare white waterproof paint in the shed, painted two layers of that then another two of the pink acrylic.  When I got a little bit of water along the rim (you'll see this more in the next pic) it all crackled.  While I actually love the look, in interest of it not crackling any more, I painted a thin layer of homemade mod podge on it.

Redecorated Pot =D

The gold ribbon around the edge was for added cuteness (and to hide the fact that I did a dodgy paint job, hehe).

All in all, I really love the way it turned out - it adds a cheerful bit of brightness to my window sill, and is fabulous to look at while I'm studying.  Pretty sure I intend to get a few more!  

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