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Oh Micky, you're so fine...

One of my cousins is getting married soon (can't wait for the wedding!), so she decided that her hens night was going to be cheerleader-themed.  To that I breathed a sigh of relief, what does one wear to a hens night that isn't themed?

I started by trying to find some inspiration for what to wear - I love waist high skirts, so I wanted to do one of those, but I couldn't find a cheerleader-ry reason to do that.  All of the costumes I found were either really, really slutty, or too short, or even a dress (I didn't want to wear a dress...).  Then, I ran across a photoshoot that Diana Agron did for GQ magazine:

Photo found at:
Of course, I love this.  It's super cute, while being (...if I lengthened the skirt) reasonably modest.  I have shame, you know.

My idea was originally just to make the skirt, and buy a tank top while I was up there - I figured it would be pretty easy to find a purple or orange top...  In hindsight, even over the post-Christmas sales... Bad idea.  But I'm moving on.

I did my pleat research, I went to Spotlight and bought my purple fabric (I'm loving their bargain bench.  It's still my weakness...), bias binding and other things for my upcoming projects.  Seriously though, pleats are so difficult to do for the first time!  With a lot of stress and general annoyance later (and the decision to only pleat the front of my skirt, so at no point during the night my ass would be exposed...), I decided to wait and ask for help from my aunt while I was on holidays.

Weeks later, I finished my skirt with a lot of help from my aunt.  This, is the finishes result:

That's the back!  You can see it's slightly uneven... 

I felt like a giant blueberry.  Or whatever the appropriate purple fruit is. A mulberry?  Either way, it's not a part of this story.  But what is, is one of my cousins then decided to tell me I was working with the colours of the Melbourne Storm team...  Ah well.

So the next day, I went back to my aunt's, we went to Spotlight (not my usual one), and found the perfect fabric!  and contrasting yellow fabric!  (yes, even after being informed that I was using the colours of a football (it is a football team, right?) team I still wanted to use it)  All in all, I've sewn with stretch for the first time (and look forward to doing it again), and produced the following uniform, which I'm super proud of.

My top!

That's my full costume!  Must learn to get someone to take my sewing photos more often...  Yes, I'm raising my arms in that photo, just to be clear, hehe.

As always, until next time,

PS: I totally want to update these photos sometime, my camera is ...let's go with not playing nicely much any more.


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