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5 Things Sunday

If this is the first time you've read it, 5 Things Sunday is a list of 5 things which have made my week awesome!  I find that it's a great way to sum up the week and to look at all the fabulous things which happened, rather than just the really bad things ^^

Back to blogging this week, I missed it!  My Grandad passed away on Sunday, so we (my family and I) travelled to the funeral.  RIP Grandad, you will be missed.

1. Seeing Family
...and meeting family who I haven't seen before.  Granted, it wasn't the best reason to see them (being at a funeral / wake and all), but it was kinda nice to see everyone again.  That, and I learned that my family have a kickass family crest.

2. Red Velvet cupcakes!

If you've been following my Twitter, then you'd know that I made red velvet cupcakes for the first time yesterday!  I feel so deprived that I haven't made them before, they're so delicious.  ...and addictive.  Damn summer, please take your time, I need to get into shape...

On a almost completely unrelated note, anyone know some fun ways to exercise? Hehe.

3. Red Velvet's DIY Dress Up Course

I bought the course ages and ages back now, but never actually found the time to start it.  Look what I made last night!  *so proud*  Actually, I'm more impressed with the course than with my bow-making skills.   It's pretty awesome, and I can't wait to improve my sewing skills through it, and after I post this I'm going to put my great idea for those bows into action.

4. End of Semester
It's officially the end of the uni year for me!  Better than that, I think I've passed all of my units!  Which is pretty fabulous, especially since if I fail one of them again (I failed it last year), my entire degree gets put back another year, again.  Which really isn't fabulous.  Fingers crossed I can pass my exam!!

5. Getting Stuff in the Mail
I love receiving packages.  And letters.  I don't know why, it's so much more satisfying than getting emails.  Probably why I love online shopping.  Receiving the two rings below (from Etsy), plus a necklace and my Asos order in a span of 2 days was pretty awesome.  Hehe.

Looking foward to the next week!
Until next time,


  1. So sorry to hear about your grandad. :( But congratulations on the end of the uni year!

  2. Thanks =) Now on to too many holidays... Hehe


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