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10 Things Tuesday?

If this is the first time you've read it, 5 Things Sunday is a list of 5 things which have made my week awesome!  I find that it's a great way to sum up the week and to look at all the fabulous things which happened, rather than just the really bad things ^^

Um, yeah.  Considering I haven't done a 5 Things Sunday for the last 2 weeks, here's a 10 Things Tuesday!  ('cause you know, today's Tuesday and all)

1. The Most Unphotogenic Chocolate Cake Ever.
I'll be blogging about this chocolate cake on Wednesday, so no photo today =P It's a 5 minute chocolate mug cake by Not Quite Nigella, and it is the most delicious 5 minute cake (no joke) ever.  So.  So.  Good.  And only 5 minutes away in the microwave!  Ahh you delicious cake, how will be bad for my thighs...

Warning though, don't cook it for too long, otherwise you'll have a cake which ends up looking like this...  (it was way more impressive before I ran to get my camera hehe).  My brother called it a chocolate volcano...

2.  The Office.

This proves to be one of the very few shows which genuinely make me laugh out loud.  It's awesome.

3.This Weather!!
It's spring here in Australia, and... it seems like we've skipped straight to summer, the weather's just stunning, blue skies, few clouds and a little bit of wind, perfect weather!

...well, except for the smoke that's hanging around because of random fires, but hey, it's still awesome.

4.  The Amount of New TV Series Coming Out this Month!
Oh, my, God I am so excited.  New How I Met Your Mother, Community, My Little Pony, not to mention new Doctor Who episodes...  *squee*

5. Mi Goring
Oh this stuff is so good... Except it sets my mouth on fire.

Oh well, it's delicious ^^

6. Cotton On Oversized T-Shirts
These are so comfy!!  They had 2 for $30 and it made me so happy, they're so comfy and look so cute!!  I've got a blue and black stripey one, a bright pink and orange stripy one and a plain pink one now =D

7. In the Hall of the Mountain King
Possibly one of my favorite classical songs, ever.  

If you haven't heard this song, you need to listen to it, like now.  It's by Edvard Grieg, from the Peer Gynt Suite, it's totally amazing.

8. World of Warcraft
Yeah, I've started playing again.  I'm playing a Gnome Warrior named Rosalynd on the Caelestrasz.  She's adorable!  ...and it's kinda funny to see a random Gnome charging out from the middle of nowhere ^^  So if you play on that server, come say hi!!

9. The Sims on Facebook
I've never played The Sims before, but this proves to be really amusing!  I think I have to try the actual game now...  Hm.

10. My Job!
Corney but true, I genuinely love my job.   It's so much fun to teach piano, it's something I'm really passionate about and it's just amazing to pass on what I know to other people!

Until next time,


  1. Hiya, Just started following you blog and love this 5 Things Sunday post! (Very jealous of the weather, here in Lancashire it is bitterly cold already)

  2. Thanks ^^ I'm actually jealous of your cold, it's getting a little too hot here already =P


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