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WIP: Granny Square Blanket!

So last time I blogged about my granny square blanket it was around 30cm square (huh.  It was only a month ago.  Well there you go...).  Which I was pretty pleased about at the time.  Well, I still am, it just got colourful and giant. 

Pretty sure when I last posted a picture it was just the blue centre, but I'm pretty sure you can see it's a fair bit bigger since I changed colours.  Hehe.

The easiest way to me to show off the size of the blanket was to take the above photo.  Though I guess it didn't occur to me that the last colour I used was purple and my bedspread's purple too...Ahh well, I think it's pretty clear?

I am *loving* this colour combination, of the teal, black, purple and yellow.  It did seem a little odd when I started, but I really do love it.  They started off as colours I already had (the yellow and black were initially for a Hufflepuff scarf, but I gave up on that... the purple was a freebie with a magazine and my Nan gave me the light blue), and I added teal.  Because I do love that colour.

So as always, until next time,

P.S.  If this works right, you should be reading this on Wednesday...  *fingers crossed*


  1. Ohh the colour combo is truly lovely!and the yarn looks so soft.


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