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5 Things Sunday!

1. Double Coat TimTams.
Best.  Chocolate.  Biscuit.  Ever.  I would've taken a photo...  but yeah.  I ate them.

Seriously though, they're fabulous, and that and giant mugs of tea were the things that got me through my assignments this week ^^  (that, and the cat leaving a gecko head in a pile of vomit on my bed.  Ew.)

2. The Mana Bar!
I went on Saturday with my boyfriend and a friend for the 2nd time, and it was awesome!  I think it's best to get there early, otherwise it's just too crowded.  Basically what it is, is a bar with video games!  The Ocarina of Lime is delicious...

3. Sleeping in late with rainy weather
Alright, this one was this morning, but it was fabulous - warm, cozy bed, rain pattering on the roof and a cute (although occasionally annoying) cat on the bed = a perfect Sunday morning.

4. My Little Pony Cross Stitch Patterns!
I've previously mentioned that I do love the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic series, so when I found these patterns, I fell in love!

How could you not love them though?  You should totally go check them out, they're awesome!!

5. Learning random new words
You know the ones, which are just so obscure that they're just plain awesome.  My lecturer mentioned one such word, just offhand, in one of my lectures this week:
That's right.  Interrobang is an actual word.   it's the word for "?!" believe it or not.  I think it's awesome.

Can't wait until next week, hopefully I actually have time to post what I've been making/ photographing ('cause I've totally been keeping up to date with the 30 day photo challenge... /shifty eyes)

Until then,
Keep crafting!



  1. I totally agree № 3 being one of the best things ever!

  2. Your number 1 thing for this week looks so good! I'm always sort of jealous of UK snacks- we can get Jaffa cakes and Malteasers and Aero bars in the big grocery stores, but I've never seen those, despite the fact that they look really excellent. Regardless of international snack availability, though, these posts of yours are always fun to read!

  3. Haha yes, Timtams are delicious! They're actually an Australian snack, but I have heard that they're not available anywhere else! Which is really sad, they're really tasty =P And yes! Rainy mornings are the best! Thanks :D

  4. Could you link where you purchased those patterns from?


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