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Christmas Bauble Decorating!

Well, something about me : I'm a music teacher, and what I want to do for my students this Christmas, before the term ends, is to give them baubles with their names on, and various musical drawings (treble clefs and stuff).

I'm aware that theoretically this is a cross stitching blog, but I do enjoy other crafts as well, so I'm going to share them as well!

Finished product :

(Will be posted when they're dry)

What am I using, exactly?  (Materials)
Silver and gold Christmas baubles, both in a matt and shiny finishes

Glitter Glue (I'm using Faber Castell)

Tip #1 : Write bigger then you expect you need to.
Why? Simple : the letters "a", "p", "e" and anything which is similar in shape to those are really, really hard to write in glitter pen. Let me show you (the name I'm using is "Lauren"):

Small text :

Large text :

Tip #2 : Don't pre-draw your letters in permanent marker
Only because you could see the red permanent marker I was using through the glitter glue - I assume it would be the same or similar for other permanent marker colours.

Tip #3: If you have cats who chase everything (like I do), place the baubles upside down in an empty egg carton.

This actually works really, really well!  Provided that you aren't working too close to the top of the bauble of course.

Tip #4 : Provided you don't have anything that will break / smudge your baubles while they are drying, hang them on a piece of string or fishing wire between 2 chairs (or other even surface) to dry.

Common Sense Tip #1 : Make sure the spelling of names / words is correct before you write
Yes, this is common sense. Better to be safe then sorry!  (or red faced, either or)

Common Sense Tip #2 : Buy more baubles then you need
Because if you don't, most of them will end up in your bin, and you will end up frustrated (for this will most likely happen after all of the shops are closed =P)

Rather Silly But Somewhat Useful Tip #1 : Take regular breaks
Yeah, squeezing glitter pens hurt.  Just stop every now and again so you don't break yourself =)  

Rather Silly But Somewhat Useful Tip #2 : Pace your letters
Saying "just don't meet any people with a name longer  then 6 letters" would be stupid, so pace your letters -  if you have a long name / word, make them smaller then you would with a 3-6 letter word.


That's all for now,
Merry Christmas everyone!

Until next time,
That Cross Stitch Chick


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