Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pintest: Hair bows and "the ultimate office hairstyle"

Welcome (dun dun dun) to my Pintest themed series! In an effort to keep posting regularly while I'm on prac (first day today, yay!), my thoughts immediately turned to a series set of posts, and Pintesting sounded fun.

Today? I'm testing two hair pins which I've had on my boards for ages - the bow bun and "easy" hair for work. For your reference: my hair's just below shoulder level with layers.

First up? The bow bun.

Image sourced from Pinterest

...ok, so I didn't look that glamorous, but this was my result:

Bow bun!

I made a bow on my head. With added flyaways simply because my hair's slightly layered. My poor brother, Dad and dog (not joking) had to deal with me running around going "LOOK WHAT I DID TO MY HAIR ISN'T THIS AWESOME". I regret nothing. It's not exactly the most practical hairstyle ever, (it's a bow and I claim to be an adult some times) but it's still easy and a useful skill just in case.

Secondary style: this one:

Image sourced from Pinterest

Ok, this one I was excited for- a hairstyle that's not a ponytail that I could wear to school? Count me in.

"Easy" office hair results

"Easy" office hair

Back of the "easy" office hair

Results: well, maybe? Not a huuuuge fan of how much the hair tie shows at the back, but I suppose it's cute?
Might give it another go on a future date to see how well it works with a hat.

Any other hair pins I should give a go? Ones that are wearable with a hat would be right at the top of my to-do list. Let me know below!

Catch you next time,

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Nothing quite beats...

...bread fresh from the oven.

17. Learn how to bake bread.
Bread = awesome.

Also because it's number 17 on my 23 before 23 list. Mostly because bread is awesome (these are foccacias, by the way!). Complements of (essentially, don't judge) a "packet mix" of bread, which consisted of bread flour and a packet of yeast; this saved me from having to get new yeast, yay!

Italian herb and cheese; Rosemary and garlic

My pick of flavors? Italian herbs and cheese on one, and rosemary and garlic on the other.

Rosemary and garlic

Rosemary and garlic
two sprigs of rosemary
garlic powder
olive oil

Roughly chop rosemary and scatter across uncooked bread. Sprinkle garlic powder evenly across the uncooked bread, and drizzle with olive oil.

Italian herb and cheese

Italian herbs and cheese
(herb combination chosen from the back of a dried Italian herb mix)
Chunk of cheese

Roughly chop all of the above herbs. Shouldn't need more than 2 sprigs of each, depending on taste. Grate cheese, and scatter herbs and cheese on bread. Drizzle with olive oil.

My personal favorite? The Italian herbs and cheese. Mostly because I'm not a big fan of the rosemary as it turns out, though with spaghetti? Best. Thing. Ever.

What are your favorite bread topping? Let me know, and I'll give it a go!
Catch you next time,

Monday, December 30, 2013

23 before 23: 6 month update!

Back in August I posted about 23 things that I wanted to achieve before I hit 23 next year (read about it here). Since we're at the 6 month mark, I thought an update was in store!

Writing this post and reading over my list I'm realising how much I've got to achieve - school holidays now, time to get busy! So far I've achieved...

12. Spend a day at the beach
Check! Was a gorgeous day and both myself and my boyfriend came back without being completely roasted. Considering how pale we both are, that was a surprise.

23 before 23 - number 12~

19. Find a signature makeup look
It only occurred to me the other day that I'd done this - I <3 my winged liner and bright lip.

20. Read 2 "classic" novels
Done and done!
Clearly I've gotten lazy with my book reviewing, haha. I've since read The Great Gatsby, Little Women and am currently marathoning my way through Anna Karenina.

I've noticed it just seems like I'm not a Jane Austen fan but have enjoyed all of the others that I've read. Next on my list? The Odessey!

21. Spend more time with friends
So happy with my progress with this! I've met a whole bunch of new friends and have been trying to spend more time with my friends. Still feel there's more progress to be made, but I'm actually motivated now :)

22. Find that perfect shade of red lipstick
DONE! By accident, too. Got my November Bellabox (each month they send you a themed box filled with beauty themed goodies), and in it was a red lip crayon! I'm 100% in love with it, and (...ignoring the fact it isn't a lipstick as such) it's pretty much perfect for me! Here, have a link! (please note: non-sponsored, I just love the product) I also picked up my very first MAC lipstick in a gorgeous red, too :)

And that's it. Hmm so many more things to do, and six months remaining. Guess I'd better get on it!

Hope you have a fabulous new year, and see you in 2014 for a fabulous year!!


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