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Pretty Ponte | Sew Over It Tulip Skirt

This was the first skirt that I went "I can do this in an hour! Challenge accepted." ...Except then I decided to line it and I hadn't lined a skirt before.

Turns out, it's super easy. Both lining the skirt and making the Tulip skirt, I mean. My review for the Tulip skirt pattern? Super easy. Would recommend to anyone who can install an invisible zip. If you can't, if you use an even stretchier fabric (and omit the zip) it should work! (note, I haven't tried doing that)

I may be completely obsessed with this ponte. Saw it on the clearance table while I was out hunting for a completely different fabric, and decided that it would be perfect for the Tulip skirt. Turns out, ponte is brilliant to sew with, and the one I got didn't fray. Win! Problem is, I apparently need to practice installing invisible zips with a ponte. Also hemming. But for the moment, I quite like how it turned out!

For the sizing, I cut an 8 at the waist and graded to a 12 at the hips. Pre…
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Mothers Day Scraps | Colette Sorbetto

A million years ago I'd learned how to make circle skirts with an elastic waistband, so I bought some fabric on clearance (sensing a theme yet?). By the time I got around to making it, I realised I thought it was a bit too old fashioned or not for me. So I made Mum an elastic waisted circle skirt. With lots of scraps left over.

Two weeks ago:
Mothers Day is coming up! Had to make something for Mum. The conditions were: it had to fit on the scraps I had of this fabric and be something mum would actually wear. I hadn't made the new Sorbetto pattern yet and it seemed like the perfect one. I made version 3 (with the sleeves). I also had a Grainline Studio's Farrow dress I wanted to make as well.

Friday before Mothers Day:
Realisation hits that I probably won't get both finished by Sunday. Tries anyway. Finishes Sorbetto.

Realises that Farrow isn't going to get finished. Try anyway. (Fail).

Thoughts on Sorbetto:
Great pattern! Super easy to make, would …

#TheSewbackProject - High School | Colette Jasmine

The Sew Back Project - started by Harriet of Hobbling Handmades, the idea of the project is to take an item of clothing from when you were younger and use it as inspiration. If you're interested and want to find out more, here is the original video where Harriet explains it all!

Today's Sew Back for me takes us back to my final year at high school (yes, that is long enough ago that I can use it in a throwback!). I was in the extension course for Music - basically it was (from what I can remember) a performance-based subject where once a semester we would have a concert of pieces we'd worked on. At our very first concert, I wore my favorite shirt at the time and black pants. I was feeling my look that night, I tell you. Get to the concert and discover that one of my friends wore a shirt in the exact same colour with a black skirt.

It was mildly mortifying and completely hilarious at the same time.

Weird cropping necessary because I haven't spoken to said person in a sin…

Purple Pegboard Sanity Saver | Pegboard Organisation

In this episode:
Busting my paint stash, busting Dad's stash of random wood pieces.
I've had this tray on top of my fabric trolley to have somewhere to put my scissors, thread and the other supplies I reach for frequently. Problem is, I have a tendency to dump things on flat surfaces. 

After a Pinterest search for how to organise stuff, most of what I liked had to be hung up on the wall, and living in a rental I'm not allowed to make any holes in the wall. Which lead me to the pegboards. It meant I could have everything easily accessed, and if it was the right size I could lean it up against the wall.
So I called my Dad (who is awesome). He conveniently had a piece of pegboard the right size from a project a million years ago (he couldn't remember what it was! I wonder where I get my stashing tendencies from...), so gave it to me.
I cleaned and painted it (there was plans to do more fancy things, but I quite like it for now). The strappy bits to hold up my scissors are…

Pretty, Pretty Plants | Plant Pot Painting

10 points for alliteration in the title ;)

I. Love. Plants. They add a little something-something to a space. There is a problem with plants and me though. I. Kill. Plants. I tend to forget they exist then let them die by accident or love (water) them so much that they die. So when I visited my family recently, I took my cacti home (and a bromeliad that Dad was trying to get rid of). I also relieved my parents of my paint stash, because plants need cool pots, obvs.
Here's how I made a cute ombre-ish pots! What you'll need: Terracotta potsPaint brushPaint primerPaint - one must be a spray, the other it doesn't matter.1. Brush off your potsThis is to get rid of any excess dirt and whatnot from the hardware store. 2. Prime your potsMakes the paint last longer! Double coat this. Follow the instructions on your specific primer for how long to wait before re-coat! 3. Paint just over half of your potI painted the top half, because I wanted the silver spray paint to be on the bottom. Jus…

Circle Skirt Math Fails | Betty Dress

I've had this pink lace for absolutely yonks. My Nan gave it to me (was a gift from someone else, I think) and it's just sat around doing nothing since then. It has been one of those fabrics which has just stumped me - it's pretty, but it's also crazily scratchy which makes me really not want to use it for clothes, and I really don't need any more cushions at this point. So here's some photos of me using it as an overlay on this cute dress.

The purple's a broadcloth which I bought from Spotlight on the Boxing Day sale in 2015. Turns out, I love working with broadcloth and would recommend it to a beginner sewer. You can't see holes from pins and it irons easily.
The pattern is Sew Over It's Betty dress. The modification I wanted to make was to not have a full circle skirt, but a 3/4 instead; since I'd like to wear this dress to work, full skirts are a little too much for me, but I still like the retro style of a fuller skirt. Also because my fabric …

Glitter, Glitter Everywhere | Shoe Refashion

Word of advice: if you are using glitter, do it outside and several days before the tail end of a cyclone hits your area. This allows glue drying time and comes with the bonus of not having to clean up glitter. Huzzah! (Seriously though, I hope everyone affected by Debbie is recovering okay)
This is a DIY I've done before, (see here and here) and one I will probably do again. Seeing all of the cute sneakers in the shops with glitter or shiny fabric bits on was the inspiration on why I remade these shoes - I wanted those shoes!  Not to mention it was super easy. If you would like instructions on how I made these, click here! That'll take you back to a previous post with instructions. The only changes I made to this set was only glittering certain parts where I used my finger rather than a paintbrush and cleaning off the extra glitter with a pointy toothpick and then cleaning with a bit of dishwashing liquid and water. (I did give up after a while!)

I saw a picture on Pinterest…